Project: Docs Example Project Config

    Summary: One model, one forecast, 29 predictions
    Owner: cornell
    Model Owners: (No model owners)
    Time Interval Type Week
    Visibility Public
    Description: A template project for learning how to interact with Zoltar. Typically, a full description of the project would go here. You could include narrative details about what seasons are included, what group has provided data, whether the project focuses on real-time or retrospective forecasts.
    Core data:
    Truth Data: docs-ground-truth-partial-dup.csv (batch 2 of 2 issued at 2021-07-07 21:54:26 UTC) . Download
    Features: Project: Explorer. Forecasts: Summary, Download.

    Models (1)

    Abbreviation Team # Forecasts Oldest Newest Upload time
    docs forecast model Zoltar team 1 2011-10-02 2011-10-02 2020-04-13 18:27:27 UTC

    Units (3)

    Abbreviation Name
    loc3 location3
    loc2 location2
    loc1 location1

    Targets (5)

    Target Group # Targets Type Unit Step ahead? Example Target
    Season peak week 1 date week “Season peak week”
    above baseline 1 binary “above baseline”
    cases next week 1 discrete cases “cases next week”
    pct next week 1 continuous percent “pct next week”
    season severity 1 nominal “season severity”

    Time zeros (3)

    Time Zero Data Version Date # Forecasts Starts Season
    2011-10-02 (No data version date) 1   “2011-2012”
    2011-10-09 (No data version date) 0
    2011-10-16 (No data version date) 0